Profit Accelerator Small-Business System

What is the Profit Accelerator Small- Business System (PASS)?

PASS is a 1:1 (ONE on ONE) service where YOU work with a dedicated CFO to create a customized cash management system for your business so that you can effectively manage your cashflow moving forward.

As a CERTIFIED PROFIT FIRST PROFESSIONAL FIRM we have earned the right to assist entrepreneurs across the country in the methodology of Profit First; Eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty.

This system will address all of the 5 issues we see with most Businesses

  1. YOU OWE Taxes
  2. YOU don’t know how to PAY YOURSELF
  3. YOU are COMMINGLING FUNDS; using business funds to pay for personal and vice versa. We call this microembezzling
  4. YOU don’t know day-by-day or week-by-week whether or not your business is Profitable because you DON’T KNOW YOUR NUMBERS
  5. YOU have DEBT

If you have 1 or ALL 5 of these issues in your business then SCHEDULE A STRATEGY CALL TODAY so we can fix it.