Mission Statement

We at Diamond Equity Advisors believe that all of our clients deserve a true Private Client experience regardless of account size or net-worth. That experience should include comprehensive, customized solutions for their individual and business needs. We offer professional money management services for both individuals and businesses. Our idea of holistic planning consists of traditional investments, creative solutions and personalized advice. Our goal is to create lifetime clients not one time customers.

The President, Perry Jeffries III, CPFA (Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor), has close to Two Decades of experience advising Small Businesses and Individuals. He currently holds a Series 66 and Life, Health and Annuities licenses.

He specializes in individual and business retirement planning, lifetime income solutions and asset management.

As a former school teacher, basketball coach and personal trainer Perry has dedicated his life to helping others. In addition to his Wealth Management Credentials, Perry is an Independent Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer and a Certified Profit First Professional.

Perry attended Central-Hower High-School in Akron, OH. After graduation, he played for coaching legend, Bill VanGundy, at Genesee Community College, where he became an All-Region Awardee and runner up for Player-of-the-Year in the conference.

Perry then earned a full Division-I athletic scholarship to Tennessee State University. where he completed his formal education earning a degree in Mathematics and a minor in Biology. 

As a financial industry veteran of 16 years, Perry has held positions with Fortune 500 companies and was instrumental in launching a Pilot Program which brought in $1,000,000,000 (Billion) worth of investment assets to the firm.

Here recently Perry has come to be known as the Entrepreneur’s CFO in the market place and is currently a Fractional CFO for businesses across the country.

Perry is currently being featured on Fox 28 Columbus Oh in the segment “Financially Fit Fridays w/ Perry” where provides entertaining yet thought-provoking content to individuals and businesses on a weekly basis. 

Perry, his wife, Sara,  and his two beautiful twin daughters, Micalyn and Madelyn reside in Columbus, OH.

Services Provided

Personal Services

As an individual, your needs are specific and unique to your personal goals. Whether your goals are short term like purchasing a house in a year, long term like retiring in 30-40 years or some place in the middle, our fiduciary responsibility is to make recommendations in our” clients best interest”.  As an Independent Investment Advisory firm we can offer unbiased solutions and recommendations. In addition to our advisory accounts, we can also offer brokerage accounts as well. We work closely with you to identify and build a portfolio customized to fit your needs.

Business Services

We understand that as a business owner that you have unique financial planning needs. Those needs could range from acquiring additional capital for your company to reducing your taxes, or planning for retirement in the future. Our team and strategic partnerships are comprised of entrepreneurs and business owners such as yourself. So we know from experience what your current and future needs may be. Our solution driven process of advising will offer you a crystal clear plan to maximize your efforts as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

Financial Planning

The core of our business is ensuring that our clients have a financial blueprint to help reach their goals. Has a home ever been built without the architecture blueprint? Are you building your financial house without one?

“A goal without a plan is a wish” We have made the financial planning process easy for you.


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