Entrepreneurship is a TEAM SPORT

As in athletics, If you go about it trying to do everything on your own, you will LOSE

The Formula of Success is the Exact Same in Business

Leadership + Systems + Team = WINNING

Our TEAM at Diamond Equity Advisors is committed to helping you, the entrepreneur WIN.

We know in order to do this we must have Crystal Clear Vision (Leadership) , Proven Strategies (Systems) and a Group of professionals (Team)  who are aligned to reach a common goal. 

As with any great team, we have built our business on some core values.


WE OWN our Roles in the company so that our clients are fully supported.

Ecosystem Engineers

WE create a healthy, nurturing environment for Entrepreneurs to thrive, through sharing ideas, best practices and referrals.

White-Glove Concierge

WE believe that servicing our clients through providing extreme value and service is the foundation of our business.

Family Matters

WE believe that for many entrepreneurs, your family is your WHY and we respect that and keep that top of mind with our recommendations.

RESULTS Over Excuses

WE believe that "excuses are tools of incompetence, which leads to mounds of nothingness, and those who indulge in them are seldom capable of anything else.

Shortest Distance

WE OWN our Roles in the company so that our clients are fully supported.

RTC: Round The Circle

WE believe in not leaving tasks open; "If a task has once begun, do it well until it's done; be the labor great or small, do it well or not at All"

3D: Data Driven Decisions

WE believe that you should be able to see your finances in 3D and make Data-Driven-Decisions vs Emotional Decisions.

Mind, Body and Soul

Focus on mental, physical and spiritual connection and growth. We believe your health is your wealth and that we should focus daily on the trinity of meditation, physical activity and prayer.

"Everything rises and falls with leadership" & "Systems allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results"

The Team

Perry Jeffries III


In addition to being the Principal Owner of Diamond Equity Advisors, Perry is also the Lead CFO and Head Financial Planner of the firm…

Megan Figueroa


Megan serves as the Client Service Associate for Diamond Equity Advisors, supporting the firm with client service and administrative needs

Cendy Banaga


Cendy Started her online freelancing career as a Virtual Assistant in 2014. She helped a lot of clients mostly in real estate and hospitality business in America and Asia…



Jerrian is the one managing DEA’s marketing division which encompasses creative direction, web development and visual production. Perry calls him the “Swiss-Army Knife”…